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Focus V

Carta 2 | Focus V

Carta 2 | Focus V

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Experience Superior Dabbing with the Focus V Carta 2: The Ultimate Portable E-Rig

Elevate your dabbing game with the Focus V Carta 2, a cutting-edge portable e-rig that combines innovation, performance, and convenience. Designed for discerning dab enthusiasts, the Carta 2 offers unmatched versatility, exceptional vapor quality, and intuitive controls, making it the ultimate choice for on-the-go dabbing sessions.

The Focus V Carta 2 is currently available in the following colors:
-Midnight Blue
-Forest Green
-Bordeaux Red

Key Features:

  1. Dual Compatibility: The Focus V Carta 2 is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, providing you with the versatility to enjoy your preferred material with ease. (dry herb chamber sold separately)
  2. Precise Temperature Control: Customize your dabbing experience with precision temperature control, allowing you to explore different flavor profiles and effects from your concentrates.
  3. Portable Design: Designed for portability, the Carta 2 features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  4. Superior Vapor Quality: Experience smooth, flavorful vapor with the Carta 2's advanced heating technology, ensuring optimal vaporization of your concentrates for an enjoyable dabbing experience.
  5. Intuitive Controls: The Carta 2 is equipped with user-friendly controls and an LED display, allowing you to adjust settings and monitor temperature with ease.
  6. Mobile App: The all new upgraded mobile app gives you full control over your device, available on Apple and Android devices. 
  7. Wireless charging: The Focus V Carta 2 comes with wireless charging capability. (wireless power bank sold separately). Charge more than just your device, works on almost any device with wireless charging capability. 

Upgrade Your Dabbing Experience: Transform your dabbing sessions with the Focus V Carta 2. Enjoy the convenience of portable dabbing, exceptional vapor quality, and precise temperature control in one powerful device. Upgrade to the Carta 2 today and take your dabbing game to new heights.

*This Product is Not For Use With Tobacco, Nicotine-Containing E-liquids, or Any Synthetic Nicotine or Nicotine Substitute.

What's in the Box

1x CARTA 2 Smart Rig
1x Glass Top*
1x Intelli-Core™ for Oil
1x Intelli-Core™ Cap & Sleeve
1x Intelli-Core™ Sleeve
1x Shoulder Carrying Bag
1x Travel Silicone Stopper
1x Dab Tool
1x USB-C Cable
* Upgraded Smoke Glass Top included exclusively with Colorways!


The Focus V Carta 2 Base comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. For more warranty info please click here.

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